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What happens in a Girls Rising Retreat?

So much goes on in a Girls Rising retreat. The whole day is jam-packed with activities, yet it is relaxing, opening and nourishing too.

You are welcome - as you are! Whatever age, development, education, confidence, shyness, etc... Neurodiversities are welcome too!

We make a commitment to each other and ourselves for non-judgement, confidentiality and open-minded/heartedness.

We have a check-in. Everyone shares who they are, why they are here. How they are feeling right now. You don't have to share, that is fine too.

There are many options for people depending on how they want to participate in the day. Doodling, taking notes, resting, moving, etc. This is your day and listening to your body is encouraged!

We explore the menstrual cycle through a moving visualisation, we explore body literacy through art installation, we set up the space for questions and discussions around puberty, periods and period products.

We work with clay to explore the female form or anything else that they want to crate out of clay.

We use affirmations, songs to calm the nervous-system and build our relationship to our bodies and voices. We collect simple one-minute self-care and bonding techniques that calm our nervous systems and heart-rates.

We explore the 5 love languages, experience them and how they feel for us and discuss how we feel loved.

We experience a sharing circle.

We celebrate our mum and daughters and each other in a ceremony at the end.

The day is not only about what we DO, but how we BE. It's about the amazing girls and women in the room. The connections made, the stories and discussions shared.

Girls have shared they feel: happy, lucky to have spent such a lovely day with their Mum, what to come again, it went too fast, more prepared for the puberty adventure.

Mothers have shared that they have gone away learning something about themselves too. That they feel so much easier about discussing things with their daughters - that the conversations and bonding will continue. They didn't expect it to be so emotional.

It's a beautiful day! I hope you can join us soon!

Laura xx

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