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Period Positivity Workshops for
primary schools upper KS2

Girls Rising Movement is a unique body-positivity programme designed to empower girls aged 9-14 and their parents to navigate puberty without secrecy, embarrassment or shame. 

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Our interactive workshops allow female pupils to have a separate and focused interactive workshop on the topics of:

  • Body changes (physical and emotional),

  • Hormones,

  • Periods,

  • Vaginal discharge,

  • Period products,

  • The menstrual cycle

  • Body positivity and body image


Using The Moon Child story book as our conversation-starter, we set-up a circle of safety and connection from which girls are encouraged to ask questions and discuss themes with confidence and calm.

We then use interactive activities, creative activities, conversation cards, role-play and look at different period products to explore periods in a practical way as well as understand how we can best harness the hormone cycles. 


The workshops cover the following upper KS2 RSE and PSHE curriculum  links (from DfE):

  • Self and Body Image: "I am aware of my own self-image and how my body image fits into that". "I know how to develop my own self-esteem".

  • Puberty for girls:  "I can explain how a girls body changes during puberty and understand the importance of looking after yourself physically and emotionally". "I understand that puberty is a natural process that happens to everybody and that it'll be okay for me."

  • Circles of Change: "I understand and respect the changes I see in myself and other people." I accept change" "I am confident enough to try to make changes when I think they will benefit me" "I can express my fears and concerns about changes that are outside of my control and know how to manage those feelings positively." 

  • Real Self and Ideal Self: "I am aware of the importance of positive self-esteem and what I can do to develop it." "I can express how I feel about my self-image and know how to challenge negative body talk". 


The workshop is facilitated by Laura Cowan who has a full enhanced DBS.

Each school will receive a copy of The Moon Child for their library as well as a class plan for further teaching. 

Discounts of the book will be provided for parents wishing to buy The Moon Child book after the workshop.

Duration: 1.5-2hours either during school hours or as a one-off after-school activity. 

Location: Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. 

Cost: £80

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