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Why Girls Rising Movement?

Girls Rising Movement was born out of my own desire to guide my daughters through puberty and into womanhood in the most supportive and loving of ways. Most of us did not receive the understanding and support to fully equip us to go out into the world as fully empowered women. This is because our Mothers were not given these tools either.


For too many hundreds of years in western civilisation, we have been separated from our innate feminine wisdom. Women have been taught to dislike their bodies and have unrealistic images of what is deemed beautiful. Women have been taught to feel ashamed of menstruation, it has been widely understood as dirty, painful, or just an inconvenience instead of as the 5th vital sign and life-giving system that it is. Women have been made to feel unsafe to use their voices or talents and they are still, even in modern education offered very little knowledge of their menstrual cycles and female anatomy.

My dream is for my girls and yours to begin the journey to womanhood with the foundations to understand how amazing their bodies are from that formative age. For both Mothers and daughters to  step into their feminine power, reconnecting to their own innate feminine wisdom and to those who have come before them. To enjoy a sisterhood of other girls and women who support them on their journey from the start.

I believe this is how we save the Earth - our collective Mother. When we understand and honour our natural feminine power, we in-turn honour Mother Earth.

Pre-puberty, puberty and menarche (first period) can be a tumultuous time for any young woman. At such a formative time in a young woman’s life, wouldn’t it be wonderful if she was supported, nurtured, given space and freedom to BE, just as she is, right now?

In the midst of her changing body, hormones, school-life, activities, friendships, family, the unrealistic expectations of social media and a culture that still focuses far too much on a girl’s appearance instead of character, interests and talents, it is no wonder adolescent girls today are experiencing more anxiety, depression and stress than any other generation.

Mothers may have experienced a belief that their periods are nothing but a disgusting, embarrassing and painful inconvenience. The retreats aim to support the Mothers as they come to terms with and celebrate their own journey into womanhood so that they may guide and support their daughters through theirs. 

Girls Rising retreats allow women and girls a time out of their busy lives to connect with their inner feminine wisdom, to share stories of struggles and triumphs in non-judgement and confidentiality and to empower participants with a renewed sense of confidence, belonging and celebration of womanhood to make them braver out in the world.


Hi I'm Laura Cowan, storyteller, music teacher and founder of Girls Rising Movement. I am a mother to 3 beautiful and spirited girls – my main inspiration.

When I fell pregnant with my first daughter, I became aware of the magnificent power of the female body. I learned hypnobirthing and had first-hand experience of the power of my own thoughts and beliefs on my body.


I became interested in learning more about the menstrual cycle and was profoundly transformed by the book 'Wild Power' by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer.


As I continue on my journey of understanding my own menstrual cycle and enjoying the nourishing and healing power of women's circles, I am called to use my experience of holding women's circles and facilitating workshops and classes to expand this knowledge of feminine wisdom for the next generation of women!

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