The Moon Child


**Publishing Date: Spring 2022**


In late February 2021 I began writing The Moon Child story book to help parents with children aged 7+ begin the conversations about periods in a gentle way.

For too long, periods have been seen as an embarrassment, dirty, a curse or merely an inconvenience. We need a new story - a new myth - in our culture to change the paradigm of menstruation and show that periods are positive and the female body magnificent! The earlier and gentler we do this, the better as it is then seen as the norm and not something to keep from our children. 


Children may have a mother or caregiver that menstruates and is open enough to share with their children that they have periods, but for many this may not be the case. As a storyteller for children, I know how powerful stories can be to ignite awe and wonder in children and it is my firm belief that we should see our own bodies and menstruation with awe and wonder too!

I hope this helps ignite this feeling in all that read it! 


In a coming of age tale to hand down to generations, The Moon Child introduces children to the concept of periods and how the menstrual cycle is linked to the phases of the moon.

“My darling Luna, you are a child of the moon - remember this. The moon has many children, including all the stars in the sky. And girls…” whispered Grandma, as if revealing a special secret, “are children of the moon too…”


This story ignites imagination, building connection and curiosity to begin meaningful conversations about puberty.


Perfect for girls entering pre-puberty, going through puberty or as a lovely hand-down gift for a first period box! Suitable for boys and girls from 7+ normalise periods and start conversations slowly. It includes tips and conversation-starters too. 

Why not buy a copy for your child's school? Accompanying resources and class plans are included!