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Thanks for joining the Girls Rising Movement! 

Taking time out to really connect and talk to our daughters about puberty and periods makes SUCH a difference in how they view their body and the changes they will experience. 

Sometimes we just need a little conversation-starter to get us sitting and chatting together - and that is where The Moon Child book comes in! A story that looks at periods, not as "the curse" of old and outdated modern-folklore, but at an (actually more ancient - and now NEW again) celebration of what a magnificent process the menstrual cycle and the uterus is! 


Rachel Lowe

“A beautiful and necessary story with such positive messages for girls”

This is a beautiful story written and illustrated to help explain periods in a child-friendly and positive way. I've never read or found a book that tries to do this before and having read The Moon Child it now feels so obvious that this part of life should be explored through stories, and not be left solely for the realm of non-fiction. We need to have stories available for our children to help explain topics that can be difficult or awkward to talk about and explain. This story cleverly uses the gentle reassurance of a myth without shying away from the facts and the illustrations get this balance just right too. I love how positive the story is and it's certainly made me reflect on how I have viewed menstruation myself. As a mother, I am really grateful for this book. It will be the most wonderful tool for talking to my children in a gentle and positive way about periods. I found the note to parents really helpful too and would recommend reading that before sharing the story with your child.

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