Girls Rising Offerings

Girls Rising Movement offers Mother - Daughter day retreats, mother-daughter circles and workshops specifically designed to empower girls aged approximately 9 –14 (and their mothers) to navigate puberty with connection, confidence and calm.


Girls Rising Movement retreats currently take place in the beautiful Hertfordshire Countryside. Retreats are specifically designed to be an opportunity to BE instead of DO with our daughters as they navigate pre-puberty and puberty. Retreats are structured like the moon cycle and seasons. We begin with connecting to ourselves, setting intentions, we explore a theme and have time to create based on the theme. We then spend time in circle with the other mothers and daughters separately to share and reflect. We end with a visualisation exercise.

Girls Rising retreat themes include:

  1. "I am Mother" In this session the mother's get to go through their memories of their own puberty journey, explore their concerns and dreams for their daughters and set intentions for how they guide them onwards. 

  2. 'I am magnificent' intro session with Mother's and Daughters. In this session, mothers and daughters get to connect deeper and celebrate each other, whilst connecting to their creativity and intuition. 

  3. "I am nature" this session, we explore natural cycles and how our lives are intrinsically linked to nature. The inevitability of change and growth and how that relates to our growing bodies and puberty. 

  4. "I am growing" this session we explore Menstruation. The menstrual cycle, period products, blood, hormones and discharge. 

  5. "I know my body" session is all about body literacy. Body parts and its names, the process and systems. We have fun getting to know what is normal in a safe and supportive space. 

  6. "I love my body" In this session we explore body positivity. We learn what it is and discuss positive and negative messages and thought processes. By becoming more conscious of the messages in our families, society and media, we can help to change the narrative for our daughters.

  7. "I am Unique" In this session we explore relationships. We discuss listening to what feels good to us, what consent is and we practice with gentle hand-massages. We discuss the 5-love languages and how that can help us to relate to others better. 

  8. "I am Human" In this session we explore emotions, mindfulness exercises, journalling and stress management. We also look at nutrition, exercise and expression - things that can support our mental health and build resilience. 

  9. "I am the future" In this session we explore goal-mapping, growth-mindset and finding our 'North star' to take us through rough waters. 

  10. "I am Loved" This session is a celebration ceremony for your girls to be celebrated and initiated into a new chapter in life as she enters adolescence and the journey towards womanhood.