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Girls Rising Movement

Welcome to a unique body-positivity programme designed to empower girls aged 9-14 and their mothers to navigate puberty without secrecy, embarrassment or shame. 

What is Girls Rising Movement?

Girls Rising Movement offers Mother - Daughter retreats, schools workshops and online courses specifically designed to empower girls aged 9 –14 (and their mothers) to navigate puberty with connection, confidence and calm.

The sessions offer a unique opportunity for girls to:

  • Spend quality time with her mother/female care-giver in a space of rest and relaxation

  • Learn about her growing body and what to expect as she enters puberty and menstruation

  • Understand the menstrual cycle and how to harness the power of hormones instead of be led by them

  • Experience the incredible support of a sisterhood of other girls and mothers

  • Celebrate all that she is as she approaches her coming of age

By the end of the retreat you and your daughter will feel more:

  • Connected through a shared-experience and deeper bond allowing important conversations to flow naturally

  • Empowered as she approaches a new chapter in her life

  • Informed with a foundation of body-literacy to build on as she grows

  • Supported through connections with other women and girls who have shared a non-judgemental, confidential space together


"Nourishment for the soul and the mother-daughter bond" (past participant). 

"The day provided an intimate bonding experience for my daughter and I that felt very organic. We were encouraged to tune into our true nature as well as share our experiences and true feelings with other mums and daughters, relating not only to puberty but also to the female experience. It really validated a lot of things I have been feeling lately. The retreat is as much a learning experience for mums as it is for daughters. I would say that every mother and their daughter needs this in their life!"

Jen and Emma

"I loved the 'You’re Magnificent' activity. So nice not only to share what is so magnificent about moll with her but also to hear what she thinks is magnificent about me. I loved every part of the programme, the song and your singing was a beautiful intro and close and I love the honouring with the candles and to have had an opportunity with moll to show her how safe space can be created and held - I literally cannot wait for us to be with you and all the other mums and daughters in circle. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity."

Emma and Molly

"Thank You! What a beautiful treat for me and my beautiful daughter. We feel calm and connected. It was wonderful. Honestly, if you think how amazing that was virtually, just imagine how awesome it will be in person with all the other mothers and daughters collectively! That energy? Wowserrrsss!!"

Becky and Jessica

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