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Resources on puberty, menstruation and body-positivity (My faves)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

This is a non-exhaustive list of my favourite resources so far. All of which I have personally used, read and own. I will periodically create an updated list of these as more resources come into my awareness. These resources (both online and book form) are mainly for educating myself so that I can then impart information to my girls in bite-sized pieces.

Brook Learn is an informative website and support service for issues that affect young people. They provide free training and videos on puberty, sexual health and many more topics.

Number One on my list for amazing content and information! Follow their instagram account too, it's full of bite-sized and useful information on everything from consent, to menstruation, to sex education. Also has some wonderful video content on their you tube channel and a great book for further reading.

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer are pioneers of the Menstruality movement. They are educators for menstrual-cycle awareness and I can give a personal recommendation for how much their approach can improve your relationship with your body, menstrual-cycle and general well-being. Their book Wild Power is an essential read for anyone with a womb!

Period Power by Maisie Hill. This no-nonsense, informative book is another essential read for body-literacy and menstrual-cycle awareness for anyone with a womb!

Hey Girls My Period Cards These cards are fantastic for offering bite-sized facts for anyone wanting to learn more about puberty and periods! Great for a resource for Dads, I've found too! They are a social-enterprise and have some wonderful period products including disposable reusable pads, menstrual cups and period pants.

Menstrual Doodles is a great first period gift for your daughter. A light-hearted and informative read with funny doodles that explain everything from menstrual cycle seasons, to mood-swings, to what foods to eat at certain times and why! I personally know the awesome author, Dr Becky Martin, but even if I didn't, this book is a fantastic resource for girls!

Reaching for the Moon by Lucy H Pearce is a beautiful introduction to menarche (first period) for your daughter. Written with both factual information and a deeper, mythical and magical connection to what it means to enter this time in a girl's life, it will ignite inspire girls to have a deeper relationship with their growing body.

Raising Girls and the accompanying workbook: 10 things girls need most are essential reading for any parents of daughters. There is a whole section on puberty.

I hope you find this list helpful. Girls Rising Movement retreats are inspired by these resources And many more besides!

What books, webpages and resources would you suggest I add to this list?

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