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Ideas for celebrating your daughter's first period

Has your daughter begun her period recently? Or would you like to prepare for when she does?

Here's some ideas for how to gently honour her Menarche with connection and love:

  1. BEFORE her period starts, make sure she is fully aware of what can happen and why. There are some fantastic resources and books on offer (including my own). You can read more about these resources here.

  2. Bring her to a Girls Rising Mother-Daughter retreat to explore these themes in a beautiful setting with other Mums and Girls.

  3. Whenever and however her first period happens, take some time alone together fairly soon afterwards to hold space for her feelings and questions. This might not happen straight away and don't force it, but if the conversation comes up in a safe setting, allow that time for her to open up. Talk about your own first period experience perhaps and ask her if there is anything she needs.

  4. Take her on a special outing to celebrate (or come to a mother-daughter retreat now instead!) Make it a special day or half-day out together and speak to why you are doing this. Even if she rolls her eyes in the moment, I bet you she will appreciate that effort and attempt at celebrating this chapter in her life and hold it in her heart as she grows into womanhood!

  5. Make or purchase a menarche/first period box for her. This can include books, journals, period products and other lovely gifts for her to have! Read more about ideas about period boxes here.

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