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Making a personalised Menarche (first period) box for your daughter

Would you like to purchase or make your daughter a first period box? Here's some ideas and links to some lovely products to add to your box!

In the image is: A menstrual chart, card, journal, pants, period pads, no
Here is a box made by my friend for her daughter:
  1. Period Products: There is such a great range of period products on the market nowadays! I fully recommend natural, eco-friendly, disposable options or even better, there are some great reusable options to choose from nowadays. I really believe how we trust, treat and listen to our bodies is linked to how we trust, listen to and treat the earth so as much as possible I recommend going for eco-friendly products that are gentle on your body AND the planet. I do a whole blog post about period products I recommend here but here are a few options:

    1. Flo Bamboo period Pads

    2. Hey Girls Products (disposable and reusable)

    3. Wear Em Out Reusable Pads

    4. Berries and Bundles (a great selection of reusable pads and period pants)

    5. Flux Undies Period Pants

    6. Modibodi Period pants (teen range are lovely!)

    7. Wuka Period Pants

  2. Books: There's some amazing books to give your daughter a great foundation of knowledge about her body and menstruation. Here's some of my faves:

    1. My Period by Milli Hill

    2. Hey Girls My Period Cards

    3. Reaching for the Moon by Lucy H Pearce

    4. The Moon Child by myself

  3. Nice new Pants: Stains happen to us all so a nice new pack of pants is a great idea. She can even keep a spare pair in a plastic bag or reusable waterproof bag in her school bag/ day bag for emergencies.

  4. A note book or journal: Encourage her to write down her thoughts and feelings using a journal that is dedicated for this purpose. This is a brilliant habit to get into - especially when times get tough to express and clarify feelings.

  5. Menstrual Cycle Tracker: Start as you mean to go on and encourage her to track her cycle, even if it is only to track her periods to begin with or once a week to track her energy and moods - it can make such a profound difference to understand where we are in our menstrual cycle so that we can listen to our bodies and make use of the different energy we have at different times of the month.

  6. Comforter or Hot water bottle: This can be a heated pad or water bottle for period cramps or a soft-toy/squishy/cushion/blanket. Something to comfort her for the times she needs extra comfort and snuggles - as we all do no matter how old we get! It's also nice to acknowledge that she is still a child and is allowed to enjoy childish things no matter how old she is when she begins her periods.

  7. A special piece of jewellery: Something special she can wear or keep to mark her first moon/menarche. This can be something you both make together - a bracelet with red beads or red cord and a moon charm, or something more fancy!

  8. A waterproof bag: A cute little waterproof bag to keep disposable pads/ reusable pads/ period pants/ spare pants in. Doesn't have to be expensive, just practical and nice prints.

  9. Lovely heartfelt words of love and wisdom from the important women (and men) in her life.

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