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'You Are Magnificent' - Online Mother-Daughter session

'You Are Magnificent' - Online Mother-Daughter session

Spend some quality Mother-Daughter time,  ignite deep conversations and lovely bonding with this introductory online workshop titled: 'You Are Magnificent'. 


Suitable for girls aged 8 - 14 and their mothers / female care-givers. 


You can set-out an hour of time to do the session from start to finish, or use in 10-minute chapters for a more bite-sized session. 


- Take time to honour each other and fill-your emotional cups

- Practice listening to each other without interupting for deeper connection and bonding

- Create something beautiful together

- Have fun and be silly together

-  Practice Mindfulness, Rest and Relax together


A great introduction to the full Girls Rising Movement Online Mother Daughter retreat course (coming soon)


After you have purchased, you will receive a link to the video to use as and when you please. 


What other's say about this workshop:


Isabelle and I did the online session last night and we really loved it, thank you so much. Isabelle wasn't keen to start, she struggles with bad anxiety, I asked her to just try watch some, but she really got into it.
We really needed time together and bonding. I found it very relaxing in the middle of this lockdown strangeness.
Apparently Isabelle now be running her own Girls Rising sessions in her bedroom every Sunday!"


"I loved the 'You’re Magnificent' activity. So nice not only to share what is so magnificent about moll with her but also to hear what she thinks is magnificent about me. I loved every part of the programme, the song and your singing was a beautiful intro and close and I love the honouring with the candles and to have had an opportunity with moll to show her how safe space can be created and held - I literally cannot wait for us to be with you and all the other mums and daughters in circle. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity."


"Thank You! What a beautiful treat for me and my beautiful daughter. We feel calm and connected. It was wonderful. Honestly, if you think how amazing that was virtually, just imagine how awesome it will be in person with all the other mothers and daughters collectively! That energy? Wowserrrsss!!"

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