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Ceremonies and Circles

Females go through 3-major initiations in their lives: Maiden, Mother and Crone. Heart-led, intimate ceremonies and circles can provide the honouring we need to reclaim our feminine power and step confidently into the next phase of our lives with the support of friends and family. Gather a few sisters at your house or invite more people to join you in nature or at a venue - it's up to you. Ceremonies can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, ran by you with our support from us, or led by a facilitator. Each will be designed bespoke for each person, group and budget. Use the contact form to arrange a time to chat and find out more. 


Menarche Ceremony

A coming of age ceremony for girls who have started menstruating. This is a beautiful way to gently honour the girls as she transitions into a new phase of her life. It can be an intimate gathering of a few choice female family and friends to share stories, celebrate who she is and offer the support and grounding to guide her on her journey towards womanhood. 



Can be a part of - or instead of - a baby shower for the mother to be to offer support, love and guidance as she prepares for a new phase of her life - mothering her first or subsequent babies. Can also be for Mothers of adopted children or after a baby has been born to welcome her new phase of life and the baby into the world. 


Crone Blessing

As a woman reaches her Crone years (60+), this is a beautiful way to honour the wisdom she has gained through her life so far, to honour her journey and celebrate her as the person she is and the riches she brings to the world. In western culture, an elder woman is not celebrated and is invisible in society, yet this should not be there case as wise, caring elders is exactly what should be celebrated! Allow her to reclaim the power of the Crone years through this ceremony. 

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