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Navigating Puberty Changes Online Program

  • 4Weeks
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This online programme is designed for females aged 8 - 12 and their parents/guardians to learn about and discuss together the changes of puberty, body literacy and how to navigate puberty with confidence and calm. This is for you if you would like to have a thorough discussion about puberty with your daughter, ensuring she is fully prepared and does not feel any shame in coming to you about anything. Modules include: - My body is growing (puberty changes) - Gender. - I know my body (Body literacy) - I am cycling (menstrual cycle and hormones) - I bleed monthly (periods) - I manage my bleed (Period products) - I am nature (how the hormones and menstrual cycle links to nature and the seasons) - Masculine and feminine energies and how to harness both no matter your gender. - I nourish my body (self-care and nutrition) - My body is wise (how to listen to your body and signs to look out for) - I love my body (the power of words and beliefs - discerning body image portrayals) - Relationships (the love languages, the drama triangle, etc.) - My inner spark (following your passions and bliss) - I belong (being yourself and walking your own path) BONUS modules: - My body is nature song - How can Dads support their daughters - How can Mothers support their daughters

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